Why Banquet Halls Can Be The Ideal Venue For A Corporate Event

Finding the right venue for a corporate event can be very difficult. You have to ensure your guests will have the opportunity to interact with each other, while also enjoying the foods, the drinks, and the entertainment you’ve prepared for the evening. Thanks to their specific features and amenities, banquet halls like Liberty Grand can be the ideal choice. Let’s take a closer look at some of their advantages.

This type of venue can accommodate up to 1000 guests. You can rest assured that everyone will feel spoiled, as the setting will be designed to please the eye. At the same time, this type of interior offers a lot of flexibility. If needed, you can have a business presentation running on several large screens, while your guests sit or stand at their tables. This is much better than the standard theater hall setting with rows of chairs facing a stage and a huge screen. A modern corporation should find more creative ways to communicate their mission, their values, their marketing messages, and their most important goals to their business partners and employees.

Banquet halls are usually majestic. The huge marble pillars, that tall ceilings, and the exquisite decor can create a powerful impression even on your toughest guests. Since most corporate events are rather dull, your guests will be surprised to see that you’ve chosen an offbeat approach to such functions. The elegance of the crystal chandeliers will contrast with the rigidity of your corporate presentation, making your guests feel more at ease. At the same time, these halls can be the perfect setting for corporate Christmas and holidays parties, as well as for fundraising or charity events.

Such venues have another huge advantage, which is the human service. They usually employ professional staff to tend to your guests, in order to make everybody feel welcome. Their expert event planners will work closely with you to help you organize your event to its tiniest details. Everything will look perfect and you won’t have to waste your time talking with different suppliers. Your only concern will be to invite people to your event and to take care of the follow up. This is much better than choosing to have such events at your headquarters and having to run all over the place to take care of all details that can ruin your party. Even if your corporate building had a conference hall, you’d still need to coordinate your suppliers to ensure that everything will be ready for the big day.

Last but not least, these venues offer enough parking space for the guests. Some of them may even offer valet parking. This will make everybody think about those classic movies with beautiful couples showing up in their car and handing the keys to a valet, while they smile and walk on the red carpet. While this choice won’t bring you additional business, it might make people like you more. Consider all these by the time you’ll need to find the right venue for your next corporate event.